Our commitment to quality has led to the following Accreditations and International Standards:

  • CAA-EASA (Civil Aviation Authority) approvals for various products
  • CE approval for proprietary products
  • FAA approval
  • EN ISO 9001
  • To be the best we can be; being better than we need to be and developing BSEN 9110 for our engineering plant and NADCAP for our plating shop.

Aerotek Sika provides products and services of the highest quality and this is the foundation and at the heart of all our actions. The expert workmanship has been a trademark of our reputation and reflects the confidence that our customer base have in our products and services.

Every aspect of the production and service process is carried out with meticulous attention to detail and in line with the Quality Management System in accordance with the certification, manufacturing, specifications and standards as required by the customer.

Due to the experience and knowledge of our skilled staff, Aerotek Sika are able to offer a flexible manufacturing and servicing operation. We are capable of fast set-up to achieve a rapid turn-around of any component or system within the production and MRO facility.

Quality Assured through Testing

Aerotek Sika will go the extra mile to assure the highest degree of reliability.

  • We procure and inspect all materials and components received to ensure they meet the strict specifications that we are required to maintain not only for our engineering requirements but also that of our customers, the aerospace and aviation authorities.
  • We participate in industry forums to drive improvements and lead technology developments.
  • Aerotek Sika ensures that it has documented and robust controls on material traceability, defective material handling, inspection processes and continuous improvement systems.
  • Aerotek Sika has driven the quality process into the design and manufacturing process, not relying solely on final inspection to capture any defects. We have whenever possible added automation and significant error-proofing steps to dramatically reduce the opportunities for mistakes to occur resulting in high quality systems with very few manufacturing defects.
  • We use Continuous Improvement Tools and Techniques to ensure Critical Quality features are monitored, controlled and improved to ensure the highest quality. We also utilise the tools and techniques to ensure we constantly build compliant products in accordance with the customer specification requirements.
  • Throughout the entire manufacturing process, quality inspections are added at strategic points to ensure we capture any possible issues early on in the production process.
  • All of our staff are tested, qualified and supported with an ongoing training programme or continued professional development programme.
  • We conduct an additional final inspection on every component or system before we pack it for shipment to ensure compliance with customer requirements.
  • All of our assemblies and components are manufactured with engineering build instructions that clearly identify the materials, tools, equipment and processes. Our experienced staff members follow these instructions to ensure product consistency with every component or system.